With water quality continually in the news across the nation, you may have started to wonder about your own water. After all, in your house, you regularly use water for a variety of different and important needs. From washing your clothes to giving your children or pets drinking water, the list is long. There’s also your regular showers, watering your lawn or garden plants, and so much more. What comes out of your tap touches just about every aspect of your life! So, this week, the water professionals at Watercure USA are bringing you a guide to your Western New York Tap Water. In it, you’ll discover where your water comes from, how it’s regulated, and the journey it takes to get right to your home or office

Our Area’s Water in Perspective

If you’ve ever gotten curious about the source of your Western New York tap water, you may have turned to a map to locate your closest river or lake. And you may have seen several, but weren’t entirely sure the path to your area. Because Watercure USA staff are experts in our area water, we stay up-to-date on all things related to our water quality. One resource we recommend is the page on New York State watersheds. At this page, you’ll find a map for our entire state, as well as many links to reports and more. That’s some journey your water takes to get to your tap!

Western New York Tap Water Regulations

But who manages your Western New York tap water? That’s an excellent question. After all, the quality of your water partly depends on who’s in charge of it. First, there’s the Bureau of Water Resource Management in New York. In addition, there’s also your county and city water management bureau. For example, you can use the Rochester site to find more info for the city of Rochester. Together, these agencies, and a few others related to resource management focus on one task. And that’s to help apply the necessary regulations to keep your water safe for you to drink.

Contaminants that Should Worry Us

Still, if you’ve paid attention to the news over the past few years, you may have noticed something. And that’s how even municipal water sources can become significantly contaminated. In fact, some cities in the U.S. have experienced alarming water quality issues in the past 5 years. But there’s another concerning trend. Researchers are also discovering that chemical by-products used in the water management process may also be causing long-term health issues in some people. All you need to do is survey our article on water contaminates to see exactly what we mean!

Water that’s Slightly Off

Of course, some of these contaminates can also do more than affect your health. In addition, they can cause your water to smells funny, taste odd, or worse. Many of our Watercure USA customers are sometimes surprised to find out one fact… their water can even be ruining their washing machine, dish washers, and other appliances. As we saw recently, poor water quality can even ruin your dinner!

Steps to Make Sure Your Water is Safe to Drink

But you don’t have to worry, because there are a number of solutions for your Western New York tap water. First, you want to schedule a free water test for your home or office. This will allow you to get a professional assessment by someone who knows our area water better than anyone. Then you’ll be able to select the solution that makes the most sense for your family or staff. From Reverse Osmosis to Water Softeners, you’ll find the exact method you need to guarantee your water quality.

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