The Modern Science Behind a UV Water Purification SystemIn today’s modern world, technology is bringing us ever better ways to enjoy refreshing and purified water in our homes. But you don’t have to have your Ph.D. to understand the science behind using a UV water purification system.

While many of our customers have questions about the process, they’re always surprised to find out how the process works. After all, you’ve probably heard of this trend in water purification, but weren’t sure about the specifics (or thought it wasn’t affordable).

Today, we’re going to learn all about how UV water purification works. At the same time, we’ll also learn the history behind it and the overall benefit you can get from it. This way, you’ll discover just how fascinating and cost-effective it can be.

The History Behind the UV Water Purification System

Once just a theory in the late 1800s, the idea behind a UV water purification system was backed by some of the cutting-edge science of the day. In short, experts believed that ultra-violet light (UV) could be used to irradiate harmful bacteria and germs in drinking water. Fast forward to the 1980s, and you’ll find thousands of UV water purification plants throughout the world. The race was on to bring this novel technology into homes at an affordable cost. In addition, the industry put rigorous standards in place to ensure that systems like these provide a high-quality water to your home.

Understanding the Process Behind UV Purification

While the details behind every UV water purification system can get pretty complicated, the overall idea isn’t that difficult to understand. To start, you have 4 main components of the systems, and each of these pieces serves a different function during the purification process. First, there’s the UV lamp, the heart of the system, then you have the well-designed quartz sleeve that encases the lamp, a high-grade stainless steel container, and the control mechanism for the system.

As your water passes through this process, the bacteria, germs, and other waterborne pathogens are zapped with the UV light. This renders them incapable of reproducing, which in turn prevents them from infecting your body. The result? A cleaner, more pure water that’s safe to drink, use, and enjoy.

The Modern Science Behind a UV Water Purification SystemThe Overall Benefits of Using a UV-based System

More and more people are catching on to how beneficial this technology can be. And because prices have become more economical, we’re seeing UV water purification systems really taking hold in the consumer market. As additional people take advantage of this intriguing way of purifying water, you’re likely to hear more and more about it. So what are the benefits?

Let’s start with the top benefit. First, you get water that’s had any harmful pathogens rendered incapable of hurting you or your family. But you also get this purer water through a system that’s not based on chemicals that could also be a concern to the health of your family. Finally, as mentioned before, the cost has become more affordable, especially in maintaining and servicing these systems.

Is a UV purification System Right for You?

In Buffalo and Western New York, Our UV water purification systems bring you an excellent way of purifying your water. In addition to residential systems, we also offer commercial systems for your office or workplace. You can even pair a UV-based system with one of our water softener systems. This makes it an even more effective solution for hard water and other mineral-based water issues.

But at Watercure USA, we like to offer you a custom purification solution that makes sense for your unique water needs. This way, you’re getting the very best in what modern technology has to offer in bringing clean, safe water into your home.

Still have a question or two about whether a UV water purification system is right for you? Talk to one of our experts at Watercure USA: (716) 946-3598 or use our Online Contact FormWe’re always happy to answer all your questions and help you discover what will work best for you!