Over 30 Years of Water Service near Buffalo, NY

Watercure USA is a full service water filtration company offering a variety of services to solve your water problems. Having served residential and commercial customers over the last thirty years who have turned to us with various well water and city water problems, we have become the water service experts of the Buffalo, NY area.

Residential & Commercial Water Filtration Services

How have we built our reputation? By treating each customer as an individual, diagnosing the specific water problems, and offering complete, custom solutions.

At Watercure, each new customer brings a welcomed opportunity to solve a unique water problem. We take pride in custom, long term solutions that provide our residential and commercial customers with clean, healthy water.

Water Filtration & Treatment FAQs

The best water treatment system near Buffalo and throughout NY is the one that provides the best solution to your unique drinking water problem.

These solutions can include:

Whatever your particular need, Watercure USA can help. We have been serving Western NY and Buffalo since 1986, providing expert diagnoses and water problem solutions to our customers. We also provide free water testing in order to determine our customers’ specific needs for water treatment.

Contact Watercure USA today.

Water Filtration System range in price from $35 for a basic faucet filter to $4,500 for a whole house high end filtration system in the Buffalo NY area. There are many different varieties of water treatment systems for you to choose from which is the reason for the large differences.

For a more accurate price estimate, contact Watercure USA. We are happy to discuss different water treatment options and their costs. We offer Free Water Testing and finance options for larger projects.

The three main types of water systems residents in Buffalo and throughout NY choose include:

  • Distiller – A very effective water purification system, the distiller will remove all sediments, bacteria, and metals.
  • Whole house system – This system provides unlimited filtered water on demand.
  • Reverse osmosis – The reverse osmosis system removes impurities from the water but leaves behind oxygen and minerals for a better taste.

For more information on water purification systems, contact Watercure USA. We are happy to discuss different water treatment options and their costs. We also offer financing options for larger projects. Call us today!