No More Smelly Water – Sulfur Filtration Systems – Western NY

Does your water smell bad? Funny? Gross? Like rotten eggs? If you have sulfur in your water, then your water may smell unappealing, and it can also be unhealthy to drink. We have been testing for sulfur for our Western NY area clients for over 30 years, and we have found levels that range from unpleasant to dangerous enough to cause nausea and even death. If you suspect sulfur in your drinking water, then call Watercure to learn about our sulfur filtration systems.

How does sulfur filtration work? We utilize a three step process to treat excess sulfur in your water:

Step 1: The Water Test – Before we treat your water, Watercure needs to properly diagnose the problem. We test for sulfur levels and other heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, and anything else that may be effecting your H2O. Watercure always provides a water quality test FREE OF CHARGE.

Step 2: Sulfur Pretreatment – The next step is pretreatment. This step varies based on your particular sulfur levels and other contaminants.

Step 3: Sulfur Filtration – We offer a variety of filtration options based on your needs.

For more information or to schedule your FREE test to determine your sulfur levels, call 716-946-3598.

At Watercure, each new customer brings a welcomed opportunity to solve a unique water problem. We take pride in offering customized solutions including sulfur filtration systems to provide our residential and commercial customers with pure, refreshing drinking water.