No More Red Water – Iron Filtration – Western NY

If you notice that your water is turning red or brown, then you may have iron in your water. This can be not only unappealing to drink, it can also cause damage to your fixtures and appliances, and excessive amounts of iron can be unhealthy. Watercure USA has been testing for iron the in water of our Buffalo and Western NY area clients for over 30 years, and we provide iron filtration systems to give you pure, healthy water.

How does an iron filtration system work? We utilize a three step process to treat excess iron in your water:

Step 1: The Water Quality Test – Before we provide a solution, Watercure needs to properly diagnose the problem. We test for iron levels and other heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, and anything else that may be polluting your H2O. This water quality test is always FREE.

Step 2: Pretreatment – The next step is pretreatment. This step varies based on your particular iron levels and the other impurities that we find in your water.

Step 3: Iron Filtration – Watercure offers a variety of filtration options based on your needs.

For more information or to schedule your FREE test to determine the levels of iron in your water, call 716-946-3598.

At Watercure USA, we pride ourselves in being expert diagnosticians and water problems solvers. We look forward to testing your water, solving your problem and seeing clean, clear, healthy water running from all your taps and faucets.