Water Treatment Solutions for Clean, Clear Water – Buffalo & Western NY

What color is your water? If your answer is anything but clear, then you probably have mineral deposits or other impurities causing your water to turn to an unwanted color. What do water problems do the different colors signify?

Looking at the color of your water gives you a good guess at the problem. However, the way to be sure about what’s causing the unwanted color in your water is to have a water test. Watercure USA offers FREE water testing to homes and businesses in Buffalo and Western NY.

Once we determine what is causing your water to problem, we design a custom solution. We offer several types of solutions to combat the impurities that cause colorful water, including:

If you would like to find out why your water is turning red or another color, call WaterCure USA at 716-946-3598 to schedule your FREE water test.