Choose Water Distillation For Pure H2O – Buffalo, NY

Water distillation gives you water at its purest – simple H2O and nothing more. Watercure USA has been providing water purification solutions to our clients in Buffalo and Western NY for over 30 years, and we offer distillation as an excellent choice to achieve clean water for your home or business.

What is distillation?

Remember chemistry class? You probably learned that different elements had different boiling points. Many of the minerals and metals found in water have a lower boiling point than H2O. Distillation uses heat to boil out and remove the unwanted contaminants, leaving just the pure water for you to drink. Because the distillation process relies on simple heating and cooling, there are no chemical additives involved with this treatment method.

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At Watercure, each new customer brings a welcomed opportunity to solve a unique water problem. Our family owned business takes pride in offering customized solutions such as distillation to bring pure, healthy water to our valued clients.