When you go to fill your water bottle or brew a cup of coffee, what do you reach for? You might think that your standard tap water or maybe even distilled water bought from the store is the way to go. Yet, for a more pure and cleaner water, reverse osmosis stands as one of the best methods out there. Not only will you enjoy a more refreshing drink, but you’ll also recognize potential health benefits as well. How can you tell if a reverse osmosis system is right for you? The team at Watercure USA is here to answer all your questions and help you find out how this way of purifying your drinking water can benefit you.

Illuminating the Process Behind Reverse Osmosis

Even though “Reverse Osmosis” might sound like a complicated name, you don’t have to be left in the dark on how this system works. By applying a high-quality membrane and pressure to the purification process, reverse osmosis is able to remove many much smaller particulates from your drinking water. From bacteria to heavy metals, these dense membranes can even filter the salt out of sea water. The EPA has even recommended it for removing some of the most harmful contaminants in the world. That’s how amazing this process is and just how pure you can get your water!

Is Reverse Osmosis Purification Right for You and Your Water?Dispelling the Myths Surrounding this Method

You may hear some people claim that reverse osmosis purification cuts out the vital minerals you need from your drinking water. You may even have heard that this process leaches minerals right from your body. Yet, the reality is far from these myths. First, while reverse osmosis does remove minerals and other contaminants from your water, you get your daily dose of healthy vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. Secondly, this water purification does not leach minerals from your body. In fact, it’s one of the methods recommended by the EPA itself for getting cleaner water.

What are the Benefits of Using Reverse Osmosis?

There are numerous benefits to using one of our reverse osmosis systems. Throughout Buffalo and Western New York, residents using these systems are enjoying benefits like:

  • You receive potential health benefits
  • First, reverse osmosis removes contaminants like lead, arsenic, and many, many others. This means that your drinking water won’t expose you and your family to these harmful substances.

  • You’ll save money
  • If you live an active lifestyle, you probably grab a bottle of water or two from the store on occasion. Yet, the price of bottle water continues to climb. A reverse osmosis system lets you skip this cost that can really add up over time.

  • Your food will taste better
  • One big issue that many home cooks discover is that their water has too much chlorine in it. This can result in dishes or beverages that taste off. With reverse osmosis, you’ll be able to enjoy coffee, tea, and more with a fresher, cleaner taste.

  • You won’t be embarrassed when friends stop by
  • Nothing is worse than cloudy ice cubes. Due to a chemical reaction, unfiltered water can take on a white hue due to the contaminants in it. But with reverse osmosis, this can be a thing of the past when you pour your friends a delicious, ice-filled drink.

Selecting a Reverse Osmosis System for Your Home

Whether you’re in Buffalo or anywhere in Western New York, the Watercure USA team is ready to help you decide if reverse osmosis is right for you. Not only are we a family-owned, local business, we also have countless customers just like you throughout the area, and we’re always happy to talk with you about your water purification needs.

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