Custom Water Filtration Systems – Buffalo, NY

You know your water tastes funny, looks contaminated, or has an unappealing odor. But do you know what type of water filtration system you need? At Watercure USA we specialize in providing the right filtration system to solve your particular water problem. We serve residential and commercial clients in the Buffalo, NY area who have well water or city water, and provide a custom filtration system for clean, healthy water.

There are hundreds of types of filtration systems to choose from. After a FREE water test to discover what impurities are in your water, we can advise you on the most effective and affordable way to solve your water problems. While we offer all types of water filtration systems, some of our most highly sought after filters for our Western NY area customers include:

  • Pre-treatment systems
  • Iron treatment systems
  • Sulfur treatment systems
  • Well water filters
  • Reverse osmosis filters

We provide custom filters based on your water purification needs. For more information on Watercure’s water filtration systems or to get started with a FREE water test, call 716-946-3598.