For many of our customers throughout Western New York, there’s one big question they often have for us. And that question is, “which contaminates should I be most concerned about when it comes to my water?” Now, when it comes to particulates in your water, less is obviously better. In fact, water solutions from Watercure USA can bring your home or office the purest water on the planet.

Still, when it comes to the health of you and your family, you want to be as knowledgeable as possible. And with this guide, you’ll have the insight you need to better understand your water. Each of these contaminates is a cause for concern, so it’s incredibly important to be aware of the negative effects. At the same time, there are several solutions if you’re dealing with one of these in your water.

There isn’t a safe level of lead in drinking water

Study after study has shown that any amount of lead in your drinking water can have adverse effects. The EPA has even indicated that lead in your water is an emergency issue. One of the main causes is corrosion of old pipes, but one fact remains true: the health concern is a serious one.

Chlorine is widely used but may cause health issues

You may know that chlorine is used throughout the United States to disinfect water. Yet, recent research signals that there could be health issues related to cancer from it. Using a filtration system can help protect you from chlorine by-products in your water.

Metals like cadmium and mercury

Causing kidney and liver damage to ill effects on brains and developing babies, these two metals pose a significant threat if found in your drinking water regularly. While both are naturally occurring elements, they also can get into water from several different sources.

Exposure to absestos and benzene are harmful

These two substances have been used for many reasons in industrial settings. Whether it’s from automobile exhaust or cement-based pipes, they pose a risk of increased cancer. While most people imagine that these don’t pose a risk anymore, in Western New York, they still persist in water supplies.

Medication and pesticides in my water!

Another surprising class of contaminates in water comes from our own everyday uses of medication and pesticides. One fact always surprises our Watercure USA customers. And that is that even city water can’t remove some of the anti-depressants and other drugs that find their way into our water supply. This is especially true for routinely used pesticides throughout our state.

Protozoan, viruses, bacteria, and parasites

Finally, these four are probably some of the most concerning for our Watercure USA clients. After all, who wants to cook with water filled with any of these? In fact, some of these can and have killed people throughout the country. Even with modern purification offered by municipal sources, each of these remains an issue.

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