Hard Water Causing Limescale? Softening Solutions in Western NY

Are you noticing a chalky, white residue on your pots and pans, your pipes and fixtures, or your water appliances? If so, then you probably have limescale. Sometimes called calcium scale, limescale is caused by mineral deposits, including calcium, left behind from hard water. Watercure USA offers solutions to your limescale problem, starting with a FREE test to determine exactly what’s in your water.

In addition to being a nuisance to clean, limescale can cause some major problems:

  • Limescale buildup on shower heads and faucets interferes with water pressure.
  • Your dishwasher and other water appliances have to work harder if limescale builds up, making them less energy efficient and raising your energy bills.
  • Limescale takes a toll on your appliances and can shorten their lifespan.
  • Over time limescale can cause blockages in your pipes, leading to water damage in your home.

If you have concerns about limescale caused by your hard water, call Watercure at 716-946-3598 to discuss a solution.

At Watercure, each new customer brings a welcomed opportunity to solve a unique water problem. Our family owned business takes pride in offering customized solutions to fight limescale and other water problems. We look forward to helping you achieve clean, healthy water.