In many areas of the United States, people deal with regular concerns over their water quality. And in Western New York, we often field many questions on Western New York water. Common questions are on water that smells funny, causes stains around your house, and a host of other topics.

Of course, once in a while, someone might ask why they can’t just use bottled water instead. Isn’t that an easy solution to these types of problems? You might be surprised to discover that you may be making your situation even worse! And today, we’ll discover why that is.

Your bottled water may just be regular tap water too

Several years ago, during the bottled water craze, a dirty secret was discovered. What could possibly have been so damaging about water that it was worth keeping under wraps? Your bottled water may very well be plain old tap water. And what that means is that you have no idea what the quality of that water is either. Think about that for a second!

There can still be contaminates in bottled water

Once you realize that your bottled water may not be any better than your Western New York water, it gets you thinking. If something in the water at your home or work is causing an issue, couldn’t there be something in your bottled water too? Just browse the research for a moment, and you’ll see what we mean. What you’ll find is a range of pollutants, even in bottled water!

You’re spending money to damage our local environment

Additionally, buying bottled water really adds up. And the cost keeps climbing! At the same time, all those bottles end up in our local landfills in many cases. For Western New York water, there’s one big factor. And that’s ensuring that our area environment is kept healthy. This way, we’re not putting any undue stress on our local waterways or increasing the chances of additional pollutants finding their way into our streams and lakes.

Water stored in plastic can have negative health effects

A few years ago, one fact started making big news in the United States. Plastic bottles may be slowly poisoning us. People rushed to get rid of their more durable BPA-infused plastic-based water bottles. And the industry responded by releasing BPA-free plastic. At that point, you might have thought that all was well. Well, recent research is showing that even BPA-free plastic isn’t safe for us!

You’re using a temporary fix that’s not solving the issue

And at the end of the day, choosing to use bottled water to replace your Western New York water may not be solving the issue. Whether your tap water smells or is causing stains, the root cause will remain hidden to you. And while drinking tap water may partially put your mind at ease… you still have to use that water to bathe in or cook with. Instead, you need a water expert, one knowledgeable in Western New York water, to test your water. This way, you can identify the specific cause and choose a solution that works for your needs.

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