As we’ve seen in the past, hard water can really wreak havoc on your home and even ruin your dinner. Whether you live in Western New York or Wisconsin, the effect is the same. But when it comes to hard water and health issues—could they be related?

It might seem farfetched at first to imagine that any health challenges could be linked to the hard water in your home. After all, isn’t hard water just water at the end of the day? Yet, once you learn the truth about what could possibly be in your water and what it could be doing to your body, you’ll be surprised.

What is Hard Water Anyway?

Many of our clients in Western New York are surprised to find out that hard water isn’t just regular old water. In fact, water hardness depends on the amount of calcium and magnesium contaminating the water in your home. And just like with any particulate, you may have more or less of these in your water. As you can see by the data provided at the above link, there are many areas throughout the United States where residents are experiencing this issue.

How Hard Water Affects Your Appliances

We’ve seen before how hard water in Western New York can seriously damage your appliances. At the same time, it also can clog your pipes. In turn, this leaves your clothes looking dingy, among other issues. And then, to top it all off all that extra wear and tear causes further problems to items like your dishwasher and washing machine.

Now Imagine Hard Water and Health Issues

While the data is still coming in, it’s not hard to see a possible connection between hard water and health issues. On the one hand, your body is an amazingly complex machine. But on the other hand, it also uses principles similar to the appliances in your home. If your refrigerator’s ice machine is getting clogged due to hard water, what could the impact be on your body?

Cardiovascular Risk with Hard Water

Some research has started to connect hard water and health issues, such as cardiovascular risk. Although more research should be done to better understand this issue, the fact remains that there is at least medical suspicion that the hardness of your water matters. In addition, hard water may be a factor that exacerbates eczema as well.

If You Suspect You Have Hard Water

If you’re seeing signs of hard water in Western New York, there’s an easy free way to get your water tested. Because your water is so important, you want to rely on professionals who understand our area water supply and have experience with solving hard water issues in the home and office. That’s why Watercure USA provides water quality testing throughout our area. Once we’re able to pinpoint the hardness of your water, we can recommend options that are right for you and your family.

If you’re worried about hard water and your health, talk to a friendly pro at Watercure USA. Call us at (716) 946-3598 or use our Online Contact Form!