If you’re dealing with sink, toilet bowl, or bathtub stains, you may have felt frustrated beyond belief in your search for answers. What you might not have realized is that your water itself may be the cause of all your woes. That’s right… while it might be hard to imagine, even a small number of certain particles in your tap water can cause regular and even lasting stains around your sinks, toilet bowl, and bathtub.

However, with our years of experience helping our local Buffalo and Western New York communities with their water needs, we’ve learned a trick or two about dealing with these stains. We even have tips for the most stubborn stains you might be dealing with. The best part is that all of these solutions are easy to implement and affordable as well.

Why does this keep happening?You Can Eliminate Sink, Toilet Bowl, & Bathtub Stains Forever

This question is one we get often from clients who have just had it with trying to permanently get rid of their bathroom stains. For those of you on a private well, you may have experienced this issue on a more regular occasion than others, but even for those of you on city water, stains can be a common occurrence. What causes this relentless problem? The answer is simpler than you might imagine at first: mineral build up in your water. In fact, this build up, while undetectable to the naked eye, can be seriously damaging your appliances, in addition to causing all those unsightly stains.

Even if you’re using water that goes through a city-based filtration process, your water can contain numerous particulates. These can range from bacteria and germs to iron and rust. The result you’ll discover is that staining around your drains, but also dingy clothing and more. In the end it means more scrubbing, more chemicals, as well as appliances and clothing that wear out more quickly.

What tips are best for dealing with sink, toilet bowl, & bathtub stains?

  • Commercial cleaners
  • You’ve probably seen products like lime descalers and other cleaners at your local home improvement store. These cleaners are excellent at eating away at those difficult to remove stains by breaking down the minerals that are responsible. While you’ll want to check on the bottle, most of these are also safe to use around and on a multiple of surfaces that you may have in your bathroom.

  • Diluted vinegar or lemon juice
  • But if you want a more earth-conscious cleaner, look no further than your own kitchen pantry. Back in the day, families knew all about this trick to cleaning stubborn bathroom stains. All you’ll need is some lemon juice or vinegar and a bucket of water. The acid in these two items can cut through the mineral deposits that are giving you trouble, and people even use a dash of each in their washing machine as well.

  • A dedicated water filtration unit
  • Really though, if you want to do more than just wipe away the current stains you see and get to the heart of the matter, a water filtration unit is the best idea. With a dedicated system from Watercure USA, you’ll find a permanent solution that will save you time and energy. In addition to iron filtration, we also offer reverse osmosis water systems, water softners, and whole house water systems that can rid you of sink, toilet bowl, and bathtub stains forever.

Browse through our list of reviews to see how the Buffalo and Western New York area trusts Watercure USA, and then let’s discuss a solution that’s right for your bathroom stains.