Do You have One of These Signs of New York Hard Water?From Rochester to Buffalo and Springville to Grand Island, if you live in Western New York, you may have wondered if you’re suffering from hard water. While you may think that our communities aren’t prone to these issues, the fact of the matter is different. In fact, New York hard water can be an issue for many residents throughout our area.

But you don’t have to wonder anymore about whether or not your home has hard water, because the expert team here at Watercure USA have put together this quick checklist of hard water signs. All you need to do is run through the list to see if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of hard water.

Your showers are leaving you with a filmy feeling

Because hard water is caused by elevated minerals in your water, you may find that your daily shower doesn’t make you feel clean. In fact, it may make you feel like you have a thin film across your entire body due to your soap not being fully rinsed from your body. This sign is a classic symptom of New York hard water.

Tap water in your home tastes off

This sign is probably one of the easiest to recognize. After all, our ability to taste differences can be incredibly sensitive. When you take a sip of tap water and compare it to water you’ve had elsewhere, if you’re noticing a distinct off taste, you may have New York hard water.

Your bathroom has stains

Those rings around the tub drain or sink drain may spell out a hard water problem. This fact is also true if you’re having to scrub extra-long to remove soap scum or other dirt from your bathroom. The cause of those stains and the extra effort? It very well may be New York hard water.

Your clothing isn’t getting clean

Whether you’re heading to the office or out for a night on the town, you want your clothing to look good. Yet, hard water makes it difficult for your washing machine to properly do its job, resulting in clothing that’s dingy or dirty looking. You may even see faint yellow stains on your clothes due to the minerals present in hard water.

Do You have One of These Signs of New York Hard Water?New York hard water can cause skin irritations

A more concerning sign of hard water can be eczema or other irritations of the skin. Because of the situation created by hard water, your skin can be left stripped of its natural oils, which can in turn lead to scratchy, flaky skin or other conditions.

Pipes in your home are getting clogged more often

Remember all those minerals in hard water? Over time, they can build up in your pipes, resulting in plumbing that is increasingly unable to do its job. If you’re dealing with clogged pipes more frequently, it may be time to assess your home water situation.

Your appliances aren’t functioning properly

Even more concerning then a clogged pipe or two is when you see that your appliances are giving you trouble. You may see issues with how well your dishwasher is cleaning your dishes or perhaps your ice machine is continually malfunctioning. These problems can occur when hard water results in those appliances working hard to do their job. With continued use of hard water, these appliances will eventually wear out early, resulting in costly repairs or replacements.

For New York residents, did you check off one or more items from our checklist today? If so, it’s time to talk with a professional water management specialist at Watercure USA.