In the past, your water experts at Watercure USA helped you identify signs that you may have New York hard water. And whether you live in Rochester or Buffalo, hard water can be a serious issue. This is also true if you’re experiencing symptoms of hard water in your home or your office. In fact, if you see signs of hard water in New York state, there’s another big concern you need to consider. And that’s how much it might be costing you.

In reality, hard water can cost you considerable sums of money every single year. From broken appliances to extra cleaning supplies, you may know just what we mean! Not to mention, many of the signs are a little embarrassing when you have guests over. So, take a moment to see if you’re experiencing any of these additional symptoms of hard water.

You Have Stains on Your Dishes

This one is probably the most common way people realize they have hard water in New York state. And when you have white spots on your dishes… it can be somewhat embarrassing. These spots typically show up after your dishes have dried, and they can occur even if you’re washing by hand or with your dishwasher.

Your Water Heater isn’t Functioning Correctly

We’ve mentioned before how hard water can wreak havoc on your appliances. This is because that slow buildup of minerals inside them make your appliances work overtime. And this is also true for your hot water heater. Scale continues to build up when you have hard water, in New York state or anywhere in the country. In turn, this lowers the efficiency of your water heater. And it also raises your water bill.

You Have Film on Your Shower Walls

Another embarrassing sign of hard water, filmy walls are something most of our clients don’t want. It can be on your shower walls or on the shower door, but the story is always the same…. guests think your bathroom is dirty! Because hard water leaves behind minerals with every shower, it can feel impossible to get your bathroom totally clean.

Your Clothing is Looking Faded

Previously, we mentioned how hard water can make your clothing dingy. But it can also have another effect. And that’s fading those bright colors. This is because, as you wash your clothing in hard water, the mineral buildup puts more wear and tear on your clothing. While all clothing fades with time, if you’re noticing that yours are losing their luster far too quickly, you may have hard water in New York state.

Your Clothing Also Feels Scratchy

And your clothing may also feel scratchy even after washing. This is another big sign that you may be dealing with hard water. For many of our clients, this one is also fairly annoying. This is because, after you’ve washed your clothing, you expect it to come out soft and ready to wear. Yet, the minerals in hard water can make that impossible.

You’ve Found Scaling on Your Showerhead

Finally, a surefire way to tell if you have hard water is by looking at your showerhead. Scaling is that unattractive stuff that can seem to grow quickly on your showerhead. In actuality, this is the leftover calcium or magnesium that was in your water. And with time, it can become solid like a rock and difficult to remove.

If you’ve have any of these signs in your home or office, reach out to the experts at Watercure USA right away. Call us at (716) 946-3598 or use our Online Contact Form!