Whether you’re living in Western New York or Washington State, there’s one fact that remains the same… you likely want to guarantee that you have safe drinking water in your home or place of business. And with more and more reports about public water sources being compromised, it’s completely understandable that you would seek out information. In fact, even if your municipal water source is merely failing on a single measure yearly it can affect your health. And even if you get your water from a private well, we’ve seen that there can be water quality issues as well. Instead of guessing if you have safe drinking water, check out these steps to ensure your water quality is up to standard.

Regularly Read Your Local Water Report

Many of our Watercure USA customers are surprised to find out that they can check in on their local water sources. Just about every city in the country provides yearly data on how their water quality is measuring up. For those of you in Western New York, you can review Rochester’s at this site. But these sites give you an outstanding window into the safety of the water that’s coming through your tap. And because they come out regularly, you’re able to get a continual view of how your water quality is doing.

Take a Refresher on Water Contaminants

At the same time, you also want to be familiar with what can be a cause for concern in those reports. After all, if you don’t know the difference between barium and nitrates, those reports won’t come in as handy. Of course, you’ll still be able to see if your municipal source met the EPA standard. But being informed can help you guarantee safe drinking water for your family. Our quick guide on water contaminates is the perfect place to start. Still, adding our blog to your monthly reading is also a great idea. This way, you can stay informed on water-related issues, especially if you live in Western New York.

Discuss Water Quality with Your Family

Another excellent tip for making sure you have safe drinking water is just to talk. That’s right! It might be hard to believe, but issues are often discovered right at the dinner table. When families talk about their water, they’re able to confirm if they’re all experiencing a problem. For example, a slightly odd taste might be hard to put your finger on. Or if your daily shower just isn’t getting you as clean as before. These are some of the signs that you need a professional from Watercure to come out for an assessment.

Choose a Water System from Watercure USA

Really, there’s one surefire way to guarantee your family has safe drinking water. And that’s with one of our many water filtration systems here at Watercure USA. From reverse osmosis systems to sulfur filtration systems, we have solutions when you’re looking for clean, pure water. Talking with one of our water quality professionals can help you provide the safest drinking water to your home or office.

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