Diagnosing Private Well Problems to Prevent Bigger IssuesOwning your own private well comes with the benefit of being “off the grid,” yet at the same time, it also means accepting the responsibility of maintaining your well. And when you use that well water for all your household needs, any well problems that spring up can go beyond simply frustrating. Without cooking water, drinking water, or water to do your laundry, your weekly routine can be put in disarray quickly. The key is to identify issues before they become larger, and then takes steps to remedy the situation, so that you can get back to your life. On that note, the specialists at Watercure USA have put together your guide to diagnosing private well problems. This way, you can use this guide to identify issues and take action to preserve your water quality and your life.

Common Symptoms of Private Well Problems

When you own a private well, there are a range of signs that you want to be on the lookout for. Although each of these may, in and of themselves, not represent a serious well problem at the start, they can often snowball into larger issues that can be costly or difficult to remedy.

  • Your pump or plumbing are producing odd sounds
  • The monthly power bill for your home is through the roof
  • Your water is off in taste, sight, or smell
  • Faucets in your home are faltering and sputtering
  • Your well caps appear damaged in any way

Other Concerns and Why You Shouldn’t Ignore These Either

There are also some additional concerns that are a little more difficult to detect, but that you should be aware of when you own a private well. Each of these can cause serious damage to your water, as well as additional well problems.

The first is to be mindful of that time of year when the road is salted. The reason is because all that salt can cause incredibly salty runoff that affects your well. In our local area of Buffalo and Western New York, this is obviously a concern to keep in mind.

In addition, in more rural parts of the state, you’ll also want to be aware of how agricultural runoff can contaminate your well. From nitrates that aren’t detectable by human sight, taste, or smell to other chemicals that can be toxic, this runoff can be harmful to the health of you and your family.

Diagnosing Private Well Problems to Prevent Bigger IssuesWhat Happens if I’ve Discovered an Issue?

First, don’t panic. The water specialists at Watercure USA have decades of experience with private wells and can help you navigate any well problem you may have discovered. Plus, as a local, family owned business, we understand the particular needs of well owners throughout Western New York. We also offer free well water testing for you and your family. If we’ve discovered an issue, there’s still hope. From cutting-edge UV water purification systems to reliable water softener systems, our solutions will help resolve your well problems and put your mind at ease.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms we’ve covered, call Watercure USA at (716) 946-3598 or use our Online Contact Form before your private well problems become bigger issues!