After you’re finished taking a long shower, ask yourself a simple question. How does your skin feel? If you’re like many Americans who deal with hard water, you may feel like your skin is less than healthy. Maybe its dry or itchy. Or maybe you’re finding that you’re using lotion more often throughout the day. And what about not feeling truly clean after what should be a refreshing experience? The differences between soft water vs hard water on your skin can be profound. And today, we’re going to discover just how significant they can be.

The Hazards of Hard Water on Your Skin

If you haven’t thought much about it, you might think that hard water just has a different pH than soft water. But the differences are greater when it comes to their composition. In fact, hard water is filled with harsh minerals that are undetectable to your unaided eye. Yet, they’re certainly detectable by your skin. And when it comes to your regular shower, those minerals are making it more difficult for you to wash off soap and dirt. Your water can even be causing long-term skin issues in your life.

How Soft Water Keeps Your Skin Healthier

Turning to soft water, we find that it has enormous benefits for your health over hard water. And if you’re in the Buffalo and Rochester areas, you’re already familiar with our recommendations on water softening. At Watercure USA, we’ve seen countless families enjoy a higher quality of life after switching to softer water. And it’s not hard to understand why. Water that’s been softened is easier on your skin, but also allows you to actually get clean. This leads to more enjoyable showers, but also better health. There’s 3 reasons that this is the case…

The Effects of Soft Water vs Hard Water on Your SkinUnderstanding the Natural Oils Your Body Needs

Your skin produces natural oils throughout the day. And these oils are a vital part of feeling healthy and being healthy. When you shower with hard water, on your skin you’ll get a slow buildup of soap scum. Not only that, but you’re also unable to truly wash away dead skin or dirt from your daily life. Guess what happens to your body’s natural oils? They’re stripped away from your skin through extra scrubbing. When you take your first shower with soft water, you may experience something. And it’s a slightly slippery feeling. But that’s okay! Those are your body’s natural oils, which you need from day-to-day.

Skin Conditions Caused by Water Quality

The worst part about hard water on your skin is that it can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema. If you already suffer from a skin condition, hard water is just adding fuel to the fire. While it may not be the direct cause of your troubles, it certainly isn’t helping matters. This is what we mean when we say that we’ve seen the quality of life improve for many people once they get a water softener in their home.

Will a Water Softener Benefit My Skin? Yes! Read over our list for the signs of New York hard water, and if you’re experiencing any of them, give us a call at XX.

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