As a chronic skin condition, eczema is a fact of life for many people throughout the country. And actually, in the far majority of cases of eczema, up to 70% of cases begin in children that aren’t even 5 years old. For those people who have to deal with and manage this issue, the symptoms go beyond merely an itchy rash. In fact, they can suffer from regular discomfort, pain, and even blistering patches of skin. As we’ll see today, the issue of eczema is a phenomenon that has plagued the medical community for some time. In addition, you’ve probably also wondered how Buffalo and Rochester water softening might help this condition. And this is an excellent question.

Often times, the recommended way to deal with eczema is with topical creams that help moisten the skin. Yet, there are several points to consider before going this route alone. It might even surprise you to find out your water may be a factor. Whether you have this condition yourself or someone close is suffering from it, it’s worth considering all the factors. And today, we’re going to walk you through them.

The Medical Perspective on Your Eczema

On the one hand, the specific cause of eczema has yet to be discovered. Yet, on the other hand, experts believe that there are certain circumstances that can exacerbate eczema or causing it. For example, while there are some clues that it may be an inherited disease, there’s a growing consensus that particulates in your water may be making the situation far worse. Even the soap you’re using, especially in combination with mineral-rich water, can be causing serious flares ups of skin irritation and eczema.

How might your water be contributing or causing your eczema?

It’s probably easy to see how anything that would further dry out your skin would make your eczema much, much worse. This is also true for any contaminates your body has to process as it also deals with the possibility of infection. Because your water, whether you get it from a private well or a city source, may contain high levels of minerals, heavy metals, or other compounds, it very well could be contributing to your eczema for the worse. In fact, our skin is so sensitive to changes in pH levels, regular tap water has the potential to seriously dry it out. It can also irritate your skin, even when you don’t suffer from eczema.

Preventing Eczema with Buffalo & Rochester Water SofteningBuffalo and Rochester Water Softening as a solution

One of the biggest recommendations we have for dealing with eczema is having your water tested right away. We even offer a free water test to you, so that you can discover right away whether or not your water is a contributing factor to your eczema. This way, we can identified whether or not your water is a factor in your skin irritation. Then Watercure USA can provide you with a custom solution for your home. In many cases, one of our high-quality water softeners can make a world of a difference. Plus, it’s not only that more and more people are choosing Buffalo and Rochester water softening. Many residents are also choosing it to deal with hard water issues they’re facing and improve their health.

If you’re concerned about how contaminates in your water may be causing health issues for you or your family, talk to one of our experts at Watercure USA: (716) 946-3598 or use our Online Contact Form! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.