4 Causes and an Easy Solution 

If there’s one thing that New York water is famous for, it’s as an award-winning ingredient in ever-famous New York pizza. But what if your water—well, what if it’s a little off? Whether you’re using municipal water or water from a private well, bad smelling or bad tasting water can be irritating, frustrating, and even a bit embarrassing. You may even worry that there are harmful contaminates in your water that have the potential to hurt your health or your family’s health.

Before you panic, it’s important to get informed and then make a decision that fixes your issue with smelly or oddly tasting water. In reality, whether you’re in Rochester, Buffalo, Lockport, or Grand Island, there are a variety of reasons that your New York water might be off. Today, we’re going to look at 4 of the most common, as well as a solution that’s cost-effective and easy to implement.

Does Your Western New York Water Smell or Taste Funny?Sulfur Can Make New York Water Smell Eggy

Even a little bit of sulfur can have a big effect on the water in your home. And if you’re experiencing this issue with your New York water, you probably know just what we mean. Typically, the rotting egg smell associated with sulfur is the result of a chemical reaction caused by a lack of oxygen. In turn, hydrogen sulfide gas is produced, which of course, comes with a not-so-nice smell. Keep in mind that this reaction can occur anywhere in your water process, from the area water source to your own hot water heater.

Metal-born Bacteria Can Bring a Dirty Smell or Taste

It might not sound pretty, but when iron-eating bacteria die, they leave a distinct dirty smell and taste to water. Now, on the one hand, these bacteria won’t hurt you. Still, if you’re experiencing this smell or taste with your New York water, you probably want to take measure to fix it. Private wells near mineral deposits are especially susceptible to this issue, but water heaters are also a common breeding ground too.

Chloramines and Some Metals Can Impart a Fish-like Smell

As organic compounds, chloramines can be a natural byproduct of the public water disinfection process. Yet, when they’re left over in your water, you can be left with a rather unpleasant fish-like smell. This is also true for metals like cadmium that are used in the fertilization process, but may leech into ground water. Either factor isn’t a cause for alarm, but does require decontaminating your water so that it doesn’t smell any longer.

Chlorine Can Leave Your New York Water Tasting Like a Pool

As a common part of the water treatment process, chlorine nonetheless leaves water tasting and even smelling not so tasty. In fact, you may find the taste so overpowering that you don’t want to drink your water and have turned to bottled water in some cases. In addition to a poor taste and smell for your water, chlorine also has shorter and longer term health effects that are a cause for concern.

So What Do You Need to Do to Fix Water Issues Like These?

That’s a great question! At Watercure USA, we offer a range of solutions for New York water that tastes or smells funny. In addition to water softening, we also provide iron filtration and sulfur filtration systems to Western New York. You may also find our reverse osmosis systems to be a superior way of getting cleaner water into your home.

To discover what solution is right for your particular water issue, give us a call at (716) 946-3598 or contact us online and let’s talk about your options!