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Water issues usually fall in a few categories

What water problems do you have?


If you are  experiencing dry, itchy skin, and signs of psoriasis then click this section to see if it might be your water that is causing your symptoms.



bad taste

Drinking water is supposed to be refreshing and have an undeniable clean taste. If you’re noticing your water has a weird taste then take a look here  for answers.


If your water is doesn’t look clean, then there is probably something wrong. Click here to learn about what is likely making your water turn different colors.



bad smell

Having smelly water can be embarrassing. If your water has a bad odor, take a look here to see what’s making your water smell so bad -- and how we can help you get rid of the smell.

Providing Clean, Safe, And Affordable

Water Treatment Services in Buffalo NY Since 1986


Water is one of the most precious substances on the earth and it makes up more than 70% of the human body. Water is arguably the most important substance that goes into our bodies and it’s extremely important that your tap and drinking water is clean enough for your family to use on a daily basis. If your water isn’t clean, then you need water treatment services.  But how can you be sure?


Watercure USA is a nationally recognized full-service water treatment company based in Western New York. We specialize in providing you with dependable water treatment solutions. Operating since 1986, we have all the experience, and all the answers when it comes to your families clean water needs. We provide filtration water treatment, purified water systems, reverse osmosis, well water testing, and other water treatment systems in Buffalo and throughout Western New York.


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There’s More Than One Way To Fix Your Water Problems

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When it comes to water, there isn’t a thing we haven’t seen, fixed, or done before. Do you need a water test?  A new water system? Do you have a problem with the way your water smells? Whether you know your exact problem, or trying to figure out what the exact the issue is, we can help. Click below for further information on how we help.

We Want You To Know How We Do Every Job From Start To Finish!

Here’s Our Implementation Process


We test your water

When it comes to water treatment services, there isn’t a thing we haven’t seen or fixed before. To start, you need what we call a “Water Fingerprint Test”. This reveals what’s in your water — and will help us figure out how to deliver you the cleanest and freshest water possible.


We design a solution

This is where the fun starts (for us at least). Once we test your water, we design and create a system that will works to solve your water problems. Whether you need softer water, deionized water or just simple a glass of the cleanest H2O.  No matter what you need, we create a solution that is unique to your test results.


we implement your system

Here, we build everything out (and we can also take care of the water system maintenance, too) so you don’t have to spend your weekends figuring out what goes where. All you need to do is turn the tap and enjoy your water. You get peace of mind knowing that your family has the safest and cleanest drinking water you’ve ever tasted.


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