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Water Filtration Systems
We have installed over 8,000 water filtration systems, and are an authorized Evolve dealer.
Water Filtration Repair
Our expertise enables us to repair all existing types and brands of water filtration systems.
Water Filtration Maintenance
We provide reliable water filtration maintenance for over 4,000 customers per year.

Steps to Guarantee Safe Drinking Water for Your Family

Whether you’re living in Western New York or Washington State, there’s one fact that remains the same… you likely want to guarantee that you have safe drinking water in your home or place of business. And with more and more reports about public water sources being compromised, it’s completely understandable that you would seek out

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What Water Problems Indicate You Need Water Testing?

In Western New York, we often field many questions from residents concerned that they may have a water problem. And often, they’re wondering if they need water testing to determine if they have a legitimate problem. But if you’re seeing one of these issues below, you’re likely experiencing a water issue that requires prompt attention

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You Can Eliminate Sink, Toilet Bowl, & Bathtub Stains Forever

If you’re dealing with sink, toilet bowl, or bathtub stains, you may have felt frustrated beyond belief in your search for answers. What you might not have realized is that your water itself may be the cause of all your woes. That’s right… while it might be hard to imagine, even a small number of

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We Test Your Water When it comes to water treatment services, there isn’t a thing we haven’t seen or fixed before. To start, you need what we call a “Water Fingerprint Test”. This reveals what’s in your water — and will help us figure out how to deliver you the cleanest and freshest water possible. Testing
We Design A Solution Once we test your water, we design and create a system that will works to solve your water problems. Whether you need softer water, deionized water or simply just a glass of the cleanest H2O. We create a solution that is unique to your test results. Solutions
We Implement Your System Here, we build everything out (and we can also take care of the water system maintenance, too) so you don’t have to spend your weekends figuring out what goes where. You get peace of mind knowing that your family has the safest and cleanest drinking water you’ve ever tasted. Systems
American Cancer Society of Western NY and BlueCross BlueShield
We are proud to provide water treatment and filtration solutions for the American Cancer Society of Western NY and BlueCross BlueShield.
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Why Choose Us Why trust your water filtration system installation to Watercure USA?
  • Experience - Serving Buffalo and the Western NY area for over 30 years. We have installed over 8,000 water filtration systems, and counting!
  • Recognized Success - 5 Star ratings on all the major sites.
  • Awards - Home Advisor Winner 2015, Angie’s List Super Service Award 2015.
  • Professional Affiliations - We are longtime members of Water Quality Association and Water Quality Tested and Certified.
  • FREE water testing - Our water testing services, valued at $89.00, are always free. We consider this the first important step toward your water solution.