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Drew has water in his genes. He began helping out at his father’s company at the young age of 14. After serving in the United States Navy, Drew joined Watercure USA full time, helping his family business grow and flourish. Currently Drew serves as CEO while simultaneously working as a firefighter and paramedic for a local WNY municipality.

Get Your Water Tested For Lead In Western NY

Should You Have Your Water Tested For Lead in Western NY? If you suspect that your water supply is unsafe to drink, or you're having serious nuisance problems, you have several options. Regardless of your water source, you can have your water tested for specific contaminants of concern. For homeowners having your water tested is

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Does Your Western New York Water Smell or Taste Funny?

4 Causes and an Easy Solution If there’s one thing that New York water is famous for, it’s as an award-winning ingredient in ever-famous New York pizza. But what if your water—well, what if it’s a little off? Whether you’re using municipal water or water from a private well, bad smelling or bad tasting water can

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Chlorine in Home Water

How Your Health is Negatively Affected by Chlorine in Water Throughout Your Home Your health, as well as the health of your family, is probably one of the most important parts of your life. But what if you were told that a common ingredient in your water purification process could wreak havoc on your

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